Premium Wooden Jigsaws

Every jigsaw is produced by Anthology Puzzles in our UK & USA workshops, guaranteeing exceptional quality and availability. If we don't have a design on hand we will make another one so you never have to wait!

Unlimited Choice

Don't see a design you like? Request a mystery jigsaw with your choice of theme and let us create a whole new puzzle to suit your needs!

Free Return Shipping

Use our simple portal to print a label and send your puzzles back in the same box, with no limit on how long you can keep them so long as your membership is active.

We Support Artists

Our Anthology Artist program lets any artist submit images & cut patterns to be included in the Library. When you rent one of their designs, we pay the Artist a royalty fee every time!

Never be Without a Puzzle

We allow overlapping orders, so you can take delivery of your next box before returning the current one.

Still Puzzled?

How does the Library work?

  1. Purchase a membership, then all of our library jigsaws will display an "add to cart" button.
  2. Add your chosen designs to the cart then check out like you would with any other store.
  3. Keep your puzzles for as long as you wish, then use the Returns Portal to generate a free label.
  4. Put your puzzle pack back in the post and get started on the next ones!

How often can I order a new puzzle pack?

You can order whenever you like so long as you only have a maximum of two packs on loan after the order is made, otherwise your it will be rejected.

Many of our jigsaws are made-to-order so delivery can take up to 30 days and you should factor this in to make sure you always have puzzles. We guarantee you won't have to wait longer than this or your monthly charge (or annual equivalent) will be refunded pro-rata for each additional day you have to wait.

You can use the Wishlist function to save puzzles you would like to enjoy in future.

Can I rate my puzzles?

Yes! A few days after your pack has been delivered you will receive an email inviting you to rate your puzzle. We highly encourage you to do this to help other puzzlers make their picks.

Can I track my completed puzzles?

Yes! The Member Area contains a link to a form you can use to record each puzzle you have completed. You can also add the number of pieces and time taken to compete.

These results are displayed for all members in a filterable table so you can track your own progress or get competitive with other puzzlers!

Do you offer contests & speed puzzling?

We do not currently run our own speed puzzling contests but you can compete with friends using the filterable table in the Member Area.

We occasionally offer contests and prizes for completing specific challenges, which will be published in the member area when active.

What if my puzzle is out of stock?

We manufacture all of the puzzles in our library, so you never have to worry about a design being out of stock! If it isn't on our shelves we will make and deliver a new one as part of your puzzle pack within 30 days.

What if I find damaged or missing pieces?

You will never be penalized for reporting lost or damaged pieces. In fact, we really appreciate when you do as it means we can repair or replace them for the next person.

To report a problem just leave a note in the bag with your puzzle - simple as that! For damaged pieces please try to separate them from the rest of the puzzle to help us find them easily.

If you lose an entire puzzle you will be charged the equivalent price as if you had purchased it.

What if I lose a puzzle or the pack isn't delivered?

Lost puzzles will be charged at the same rate as would be given if you requested to buy your puzzle. This will usually be no more than £60 per puzzle.

If your pack hasn't been delivered by the date shown on the tracking information, please let us know immediately. You will not be charged for postal service errors so long as you have informed us of the missing package within 48 hours of the expected delivery date.

How are the puzzles packaged?

To keep the cost and environmental impact of shipping as low as possible, each puzzle will be packaged in a clear resealable bag with a card that contains the Anthology Code of your puzzle and a small reference image. The code can entered in the search box on our website to access a larger image, or for recording your puzzle.

Do you include a reference image?

We include a small reference image to help identify the puzzle. Larger images can be accessed by entering the Anthology Code in the search bar on our website.

Can I sign my puzzle?

Yes! You are welcome to sign the back of one piece from your puzzle with your name, city and date if you wish. Please do not write on the images or include any personally identifiable information.

How can I manage/cancel my membership?

Your membership can be managed through the link sent in your welcome email or by logging into the portal.

From here, you can easily upgrade or cancel. You must return any puzzles prior to cancelling otherwise you will be charged for any outstanding items, up to a maximum of £60 per missing puzzle.

If you wish to transfer the membership to another person please use the chat function to get in touch.

Can I keep my puzzle?

Yes! All of our library puzzles can be purchased at a significant discount from retail prices. The value is based on several factors including size, piece count and age. Please use the chat function to get in touch and we will provide a quote.

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